Layover – Singapore

It was our last day in Hanoi, Vietnam before we took our flight to Bali. When choosing our flight to Bali we looked at the cheapest, but also how we could get the most out of our flight. If you’re flight is super long or you have a place you’ve always wanted to go, but isn’t within your budget just yet, then book a flight with a decent layover to break up the flight time and see a new place without depleting your bank account. Singapore was our guilty pleasure; it is a fairly expensive place to travel so 18 hours would hopefully give us a sneak peak of what it’s like.

Flying out of Hanoi

Day 1

When we arrived it was around 9:00 pm. The MRT, the main train that comes out of the airport, took us about 45 minutes to arrive near the location of our hostel. From the stop it was only a 5 minute walk. We stayed at a hostel called, Quarters Hostel. We made it just before reception closed and put all of our backpacks into the room before heading out for dinner. 

Our hostel was in a great location right along the Singapore River. It was surrounded by bars, restaurants, shops and apparently was right next to the main clubbing street that everyone in Singapore goes to for dancing. 

Singapore River

We stopped at one of the restaurants along the water because everything was closing around 11:00 pm and there wasn’t enough time to wander. We went to this burger joint called, RedDot Brew House. This was the best burger I ever had to date! They put BBQ sauce on top and it just was cooked perfectly. We paid about what we would pay in Boston for a decent burger and held off on the $12 beers.

Burgers for dinner

After dinner, it started to rain, but we wandered around the city anyway. Everything was closing, even the bars. Singapore’s liquor license technically ends at 11:00 pm, but if businesses are willing to pay around $8,000 a month for their liquor license, they usually can serve all through the night. 

We stumbled upon this chic NYC vibe bar called, Club Street Social. We walked in after seeing some people still drinking wine outside and asked if we could stay for one glass of wine. The manager gladly poured us a glass of wine and we talked about how life is in Singapore. Basically, we ended up comparing it to NYC and Boston a lot and found there aren’t too many differences. 

Club Street Social

It is just way more of a utopia in Singapore. Everywhere we walked it either smelled like delicious food, amazing cologne/perfume, or just simple clean air. We made it a game to try to find even one piece of trash on the ground… and ya, we found one! Of course it was like a Mcdonalds bag or something. It was also such a relief to be able to communicate with everyone in English and the transportation was super easy to understand. 

Day 2

Today we had to wake up early in order to get any bonding time with Singapore during the bright sunny day. Our beds were probably the most comfortable I’ve slept on since I’ve been home, so getting out of it was a bit of a struggle at first. 

Our hostel supplied free breakfast between certain times in the morning. Enzo and I put together some toast with peanut butter and Nutella, cereal, scrambled eggs and lattes. The stove to cook was outside on the street which was kind of fun!

Free breakfast (just cook it yourself)

We took longer than expected to leave, but only because we met this girl who was traveling alone and we hit it off immediately. She had a ton of travel advice for us especially because we were going to Bali and she had already been there for a month. After we took down some advice, she went to the zoo and we went walking around to explore some areas!

Mirror balls (sound from the city gets piped out of them)

This is where I fell in love with Singapore. The architecture, cleanliness, variety of art, culinary, history, entertainment and more was endless. I immediately wanted to extend my stay because there’s no way that a layover would let me in to the many wonders of this place. Unfortunately (but not because I was going to Bali which is also amazing), I had to leave around noon for my transfer to Bali.

Helix Bridge
Arts and Science Museum (outside)
The mall at Marina Bay Sands

Look out for some posts about Bali! I won’t be doing them daily because I don’t always have wifi, but soon enough.

~ M + H


4 thoughts on “Layover – Singapore

  1. Awesome post with some really great photos. I was particularly interested in it because I just had the same situation, a really long layover of 12 hours and half in Munich, which was enough to visit the City Center and to get to know a little bit more of Germany. As for Singapore, I would love to go there!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I definitely want to go back to Munich at some point. Not that It really caught my attention, but because it is a simple but beautiful town. It’s also one of the largest european towns, so I will definitely have a lot to see. But for now I will just have a look at different places. Traveling to Rome this month! 😉


      2. I see, nice! Ya I’ve been to Rome for a short period of time, but you really don’t need too long to visit most of the historical sites 🙂 it’s a breathtaking city though! Have fun! P.s. Make sure to eat their main pasta dish (Cacio e pepe) 😋

        Liked by 1 person

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