Quy Nhon, Vietnam

Enzo, Adam and I drove our motorcycles from Nha Trang to Quy Nhon and arrived there just before dark. To be honest I didn’t take many photos of the ride over, but there was one area we stopped at to rest our butts and it was quite the view.

The ride was beautiful, but my stomach was a bit upset from not eating too well on the road and from feeling unbearably hot and dehydrated. I could feel my skin sizzle in the sun, so I had to wear my rain coat with my leggings (that I usually wear) to protect my skin from burning. 

We finally reached our hostel, The Beach. Do not mistake it for Life’s a Beach, another hostel down the road owned by the same British guy. 

Soon after we checked in, the sun began to set and we grabbed some food at the hostel’s bar area where mostly everyone gathered at all times of the day. This hostel is fairly new so we ended up meeting the few who were staying there and hung out as a group throughout the next few days. We bonded over this card game (similar to “Bullsh*t”, but there is no winner and you really aren’t trying to trick anyone unless you have the one card no one wants). Afterward, the hostel owner set up a game of bingo for all of us to play.

My picture is blurry because I was too focused on placing the sand over the number that was called; I have a competitive side.

This bingo was played as a drinking game and when he called out 69 we all had to take a shot on the house. When someone got bingo they could win one beer, two beers, or the big prize- a bucket of rum and coke! I didn’t win anything, but the woman who won the bucket was nice enough to share a glass with all of the girls who were there. 

This hostel was amazing not only because of the location on one of the cleanest, most stunning, incredible ocean of waves, but also because they served free popcorn every night and they had group events every day. 

The next day there was a group excursion to these rock formations and a trip to another beach. Unfortunately, Enzo and I didn’t make it out of bed in time, but Adam was able to go and he said it was a great time, but about an hour and a half drive to the location. The upside to us missing this event was that we were able to met another traveler that we didn’t meet the night before; Deyvyd, who is a Vietnamese American and has been doing the bike trip up Vietnam as well. 

We all talked for hours and hung around the hostel and the beach all day. Eventually the crew who went on the excursion arrived just in time for a new planned event, that I believe everyone attended. At night, when the waves were at its strongest, we had to board a tiny fishing boat and take it 30 minutes over to the owner’s other hostel, Life’s a Beach, for a BBQ. 

Boarding the boat was terrifying because the driver tried to park it up on the sand so we didn’t have to swim out to it, but the waves were so big that it kept sweeping it out and crashing it back onto the sand. After getting lifted and pulled onto the boat, we all were aboard and the ride over was a little more calm. We arrived at our destination and once again the boat was riding the crashing waves onto the shore and we each had to time it perfectly when we were going to jump off. Some of us got soaked, but most made it out fine.

We all sat at this community table that was the longest table I’ve ever seen. It was full of people from our hostel and the one we were currently at. The BBQ was a do-it-yourself dinner. Our meat was submerged with out vegetables on one plate and we had white rice and coconut soup on the side. 

I was sweating from the fire pits that lined the middle of our tables. After a few hours we all were ready to head back, but we were dreading having to get back onto the boat. 

This time the waves were even more ferocious. Once again, I was lifted and pulled onto the boat while scratching my elbows because I ended up collapsing once I got onto the rocking vessel. The driver seemed new because he was driving sideways into the waves which caused the boat to rock uncontrollably from left to right, making everyone slide to each side of the boat. Getting off was even scarier this time because the waves were so enormous that I felt like I was on the ship ride that you see at amusement parks where it rocks from the front to the back of the boat. I must say, getting off was the clumsiest time for most of us and not many made it out dry. 

After a stressful ride, but delicious BBQ we stayed at our hostel bar for a little before bed. 

The next morning we woke up early to go get breakfast with Deyvyd and two of his friends he met in Vietnam. Enzo and I got to experience amazing food such as: Op La (eggs in a personal pan with ground meat on the side) and bánh mì chấm (a baguette that you can stuff with lettuce and meat  and spices with a side bowl of savory broth that you dip the sandwich into).

After breakfast we road around the town for a little sight seeing, but also to do some errands. We stopped into a coffee shop shortly after which was a combination of a lounge, night club, coffee shop vibe. While everyone stared at Enzo and I for looking so foreign, and occasionally Dyvyd only because he started making monkey sounds… we left the cafe through the back doors that lead into a small mall. We grabbed a few things at a store that I compared slightly to a store from back home (Target) because it had everything. We then stopped into a bike store to look at some riding gear and then headed back to the hostel. The town was quant and there were many stores, restaurants and a beach board walk to explore. 

The rest of the day was dedicated to chilling out in the hammocks at the bar and facing my fear of waves crashing over me.

I only lasted a short time in the ocean after having to dive under the waves constantly and getting tumbled more than a few times, but I conquered my fear and I was extremely satisfied. Huge waves are still petrifying when they are coming towards me, but at least now I know how to handle them.

Later on everyone was too tired to function and some people started to feel sick. Adam, Enzo and I felt fine except for I had a minor stomach ache. One by one, people were coming down with food poisoning and it was just a matter of time before the next person discovered they had it too…

When we went to bed all was well, until I heard Enzo get up at 11:30 pm and he started getting sick out of our bedroom window. Every hour on the dot his head was out of the window. We went down to the bar as early as we could in the morning to rehydrate and get him anything that could calm his stomach. To my surprise, I was absolutely fine! We found out that everyone who had food poisoning got it from the BBQ the night before because it takes 24 hours to set in. There were several mistakes made at that BBQ: using the same chop sticks to cook the raw meat then eating with them, not cooking meat all of the way, and not cooking the vegetables all of the way because they were submerged into the meat juices. 

Unfortunately, our plans to leave that day to our next destination we’re post poned. I guess the good news was, being “trapped” in Quy Nhon on the beach definitely wasn’t the worst place to have to stay an extra night.

By the end of the night Enzo was feeling a little more normal and the owner gave us a discount on our room for the inconvenience. We woke up early and packed our bikes back up to attempt to make it to Hoi An in one day.

I’ve taken a while to write this post due to a series of unfortunate events, which I will explain later in my next blog. Keep an eye out for my next post, Hoi An, Vietnam.

~ M + H 


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