Nha Trang, Vietnam 

Our journey consisted of a quick stop in Nha Trang just so we didn’t over extend ourselves and our bikes with driving for too long. The first few hours we thought about booking another night so we could explore the area some more, but by the end of the night we all agreed we wanted to move on the next day.

However, I swear the scenery is getting more and more beautiful as we travel up north. Each place we stop at we get more advice on what roads to take and what places to see from locals or other travelers who are coming from the north. 

The ride was fairly eventful in terms of random animals running out or standing in the middle of the roads and the chaos of Nha Trang’s center and losing Adam in the midst of it. (Below will be his missing person flyer if it happens again… joking! We didn’t lose him for that long).

We had to stop on the side of the road to wrap up Enzo’s previously injured ankle with plastic wrap so it wouldn’t get wet.

We were only rained on a little part of the way, but it felt pretty refreshing. There were so many beautiful coastal views from the mountains that we passed.

There was only one mistake we made when taking the wrong turn towards what we thought was a road that passed by the airport, when in fact it was a road that led directly to the Vietnamese Navy base. After being laughed at for a while we were escorted around the security booth and were able to turn back around.

We stopped for food once and were served fried rice and pork ribs. Afterwards we made our way into the city of Nha Trang in search for our Airbnb that was a private room in a “hotel/guest house.” After losing Adam on one turn because we didn’t realize his bike had stopped working, we went to search for him, but he was no longer on that street.

We went to find wifi so that we could contact Adam and also find the right location of our Airbnb since our address was incorrect. The first place we went into was a hotel; before we could even say anything, the girl behind the front desk gave us a look and said “no.” Enzo replied, “no what? I didn’t even say anything yet.” She just kept saying no to us without even listening to what we were going to ask so we left and found a coffee shop instead. We figured out that Adam went to a mechanic to get his fuse box wires “fixed” again and we waited for him at our Airbnb.

The rain started coming down relentlessly by the time Adam arrived so we stayed in for the night. We ordered some amazing Italian food and drank some beer while we hung out with some residents/owners of the hotel.

The night started out great and we were talked into going to a hot spring with these two Russians who have been living in Nha Trang for a while now. Nha Trang is widely known for becoming a major travel destination for Russian and Chinese tourists. The area has changed a lot since tourism (some may say negatively) we’ve been told. Mostly everything is written in Russian and the beaches and restaurants are over populated by tourists and trash on the beaches. Nothing against Russians or Chinese people, it’s just an inevitability when an area becomes known by foreigners.

After many hours and many rum and cokes drunken by the Russians, things got a little weird. One in particular was overly friendly to me while using, what my family calls an “Irish whisper” (when you speak at a normal volume, but you think you’re whispering) while talking to another man about me. He then would get up into Adam’s face while he gave him a compliment and asked to touch Enzo’s muscles. 

I think he was just a little too drunk, or maybe that’s just how he was, or they were just weird misunderstandings… but it helped us decide that we were only going to spend that one night there. 

We packed up pretty early so we could get to our next destination, Qui Nhon, with time to spare. Unfortunately before we left we saw this little girl get hit by a motorbike and it was one of the scariest things I’ve seen yet, but she was conscious and able to stand after and her family was there taking care of her.

We went to get a quick bite to eat before leaving, but the places we picked were either over crowded, sit down restaurants, or didn’t serve food. 

Oh well! Next stop is Qui Nhon, so stay up to date with my posts if you’re interested in more of our journey.

~ M + H 


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