Phan Rang, Vietnam

We made it to another beautiful coastal part of Vietnam! Phan Rang is known for its amazing beaches and kite boarding spots. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much wind for us to go out since it’s the start of the low season for any wind. 

The ride from Da Lat to Phan Rang was once again longer than expected, but that was after getting an oil change and fixing Adams chain that fell off. We’re hoping for at least one ride where nothing goes wrong with our bikes! The ride turned out to be beautiful once again, after riding down the mountain and taking the most perfect s curves.

There were also some spots that you could stop to enjoy the scenery or even grab a drink or some food.

It was surprisingly hard for us to find some lunch when we wanted it. We would attempt to stop somewhere, but then they would only be serving drinks.

After finding some pork buns off of a stand run by an older Vietnamese woman, we headed towards the resort that we planned to camp near. We arrived at Ninh Chu Bay Beach Club & Bar right as the sun was starting to set. 

This beach club rents out cabanas and allows you to set up tents for a fee. We asked if we could set up our hammocks on the resort and they made a deal that we could set them up for free as long as we spend 200,000 dong ($9) each day on food and drinks.

We immediately went out to set up our hammocks and tarps before it got too dark and started to rain; however, the darkness and rain set in a lot sooner than we predicted.

Then we walked back into the bar area to grab some food before we headed back out to sleep.

How well did we sleep in these hammocks on the beach in the pouring rain in Vietnam? Well, Enzo fell out of his some how and attempted to get back up while grabbing onto my hammock that I was already zipped up into comfortably. Then our only pillows were the towels we used to shower so they were still pretty damp. I had a backpack in between my legs the whole night that kept some valuables and pants if I got cold, which I did. 

I also apparently had a mosquito stuck in my hammock after I zipped up the mosquito netting… it bit my legs all over. I woke up pretty much every hour thinking it was morning and also because I realized that I wasn’t breathing that well… so over all, not the best night of sleep, but hopefully I’ll get it right the next time! 

The first morning in Phan Rang we grabbed breakfast at the bar.

I went out into the water for a while and then searched for some shells on the shore. I’m planning to start making some jewelry on Etsy from all of the beaches I go to, so keep an eye out for them! 

We got some delicious lunch (chicken tacos and sangria made with local seasonal fruits).

Then we went out for a cruise on the motorcycles (because we haven’t had enough of them yet). We just went around the area we are staying in, but we’re brought back by some mean looking storm clouds.

Tonight we wanted to have a bonfire so we prepared some dry wood to burn as fast as we could before the rain could get to it. Around 9:00 pm after dinner and when the bar closes we realized it was too rainy to try to start the fire so we watched a movie under a cabana until we went to bed.

Our next stop is Nha Trang!

~ M + H


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