First Vietnam road trip stop – Mũi Né 

I haven’t posted on the daily like I usually do because I wanted to do one post just about my experience in Mũi Né, and the journey getting there. 

After we bought our motorcycles from Ho Chi Minh we set off the next late morning on a 5 hour trip to Mũi Né after some free modifications to our bike.


  • Phone holder
  • Phone charger
  • Racks for luggage
  • Tune up/inspection
  • Bungee cords 

Before we left we needed to buy a tarp to keep our luggage dry, but also just in case we ever needed to set up our hammocks and didn’t want to get poured on. After searching for a while and getting sent back and forth between people, we found a shop that hand made them. We bought two and had them made with 20 minutes.

We wanted to ride as close to the coast as possible and so that determined our route. Our ultimate destination was our hostel,  Mũi Né Hills.

Our journey ended up taking closer to 8 hours long and we found ourselves riding into the night, which one should try to avoide in Vietnam. We ended up needing to make stops to alter the motorcycles because mine had a rack on the back and on the sides which, with both mine and Enzo’s backpacks on it made it physically impossible to sit comfortably on the seat and have leverage on the tiny foot pegs. We stopped at a metal shop we saw on the side of the road and got the side racks cut off (for free). 

The seat was still petty unbareable to sit on, but at least I could use my foot pegs! As we got a little closer to our destination we stopped for some food at a market. Everyone was super friendly and it was nice to rest before getting back onto the bike. We made several other stops just to check the gps and make sure we were still heading the right way. 

Eventually we came to a decision to take the highway (which we were told not to because it can be unsafe for motorcycle drivers in that area) or go along the coast. We took the coast road, but by this time it was pitch black outside and the roads turned to dirt and were riddled with the most enormous pot holes spanning the width of the road at times. We saw several passers slam into these pot holes and almost fly off their bikes. Just make sure if you take this road to have a decent headlight and take it slowly… Or take it during the day time if you absolutely have to.

I didn’t get any pictures or videos of this ride because I was just trying to hold on most of the time. 

About 40 minutes after this road we arrived at our hostel. We spent 5 days here because it was a part of a hotel that we were allowed to use its pools and restaurant, across from the ocean, and we took the time to visit other bike shops to alter the bike seat and get a better head light.

Every day we chilled by the pool. One day we went to the beach because we noticed how great the wind was and Adam needed to kite board. 

This season (October) is apparently not that great for kite boarding, but we lucked out on a few days of amazing wind.

After a couple days of resting our butts from the bikes, we took them out to go to a shop and get some more padding.

We ended up getting customized two-toned leather seats with extra foam padding. The leather was machine-sewn right infront of us and we watched the entire process for only a little over an hour. It only cost us $6, but we gave a little extra for the labor ($8). 

The last thing to do was get a new light, but we waited for the morning we were going to leave to get that done. 

For anyone going to Mũi Né I can only give recommendations of places we went for food/entertainment.


  • Mad cow- the most amazing burgers and fries ever, but we got a motorbike ride (form of taxi) so the next time we tried to find it, we literally never found it again… 
  • Sindbad- great drunk food, or even regular food (doner kabobs and gyros)

  • Mũi Né Hills Hotel- poolside food with a view on a mountain. Great cheap “street food” (Vietnamese, Mexican, Thai, Greek, ect.)

  • Choose a random street shop that has locals inside and smells good! They usually only serve one thing so you don’t even have to try and order!


  • Mũi Né Beach: perfect tide, clean, nice sand (you need to either rent chairs from hotels 100,000 dong or just bring a towel and lay on the sand like we did)
  • Shopping: there’s stores that line the street (Nguyen Dinh Chieu) and there is a center with food and shops in Phu Thuy 
  • Night life: honestly we didn’t experience this really at all… There are a few bars that you can go to along the beach and one club that we went into to watch someone spin some fire, called The Dragon Beach. It’s an 18+ club that was full of what looked like children at a middle school dance. The fire spinning was cool though!

In all, Mũi Né was a great place to relax. When we left on the last day we didn’t set out until about 1:30 because getting our light replaced took about 2 hours too long and we should have left at about 9 am. 

Advice for anyone traveling here (especially by motorcycle): give yourself enough time to drive to your next location and prepare for breakdowns and unexpected stops. Try not to drive at night! My next post will be our journey to Da lat from Mũi Né! 

New video posted soon on my YouTube

~ M + H


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