One Day in Ho Chi Minh 

We’re here in Ho Chi Minh ultimately to go on a motorcycle adventure from the South to North Vietnam. We figured this would be the best place to start and find bikes to buy and re-sell at the end of our journey. 

Unfortunately, I didn’t have much sleep last night and it’s safe to say most likely no one in our 12 person hostel room did either. There was this girl who woke up at 3:30 am and turned this obnoxious light on that lit up the entire room. She rustled around in her bags trying to “pack” for her flight that she needed to leave for by 4:00 am. After someone politely asked her to turn off the light when she didn’t need it, she snapped back defensively and justified leaving it on because she had to pack for her flight… Who packs at 3:30 am for a flight in a half an hour while in a room with 11 other sleeping people! 

Then as she left the light on and started packing even slower, Enzo asked if she could turn it off and be considerate of others. All things spiraled from there and she turned into a super angsty teen and started calling Enzo an a** hole and saying he shouldn’t stay in a hostel if he can’t deal with a light beaming into his face at 3:30 am. At this point everyone in the room was awake and others started chiming in backing up Enzo and the other guy who just wanted her to be a considerate roommate. Just because you’re in a hostel doesn’t mean you need to be hostile! (Bad joke)

After barely any sleep we woke up early and grabbed our free breakfast in The Hangout Hostel. We then brought our work to a nearby coffee shop where we ended up meeting another guy from Boston and this girl whose Australian, but lives in Ho Chi Minh.

We told the girl, Zoey, about our next adventure and how we were looking to buy bikes. She conveniently knew an Australian guy who is extremely reliable who owns a shop down the street from where we were.

First try and we found the bikes we wanted! We got a fantastic deal and were given free accessories such as: bungee cords, phone holder, phone charging port, helmets, and free luggage racks. We will also be able to re-sell our bikes when we arrive in North Vietnam, only losing about 15% of what we paid.

We grabbed some lunch before we gave the bikes a test ride and paid for them. Our lunch was on the street in what we would consider a children’s play bench and chairs. The food was out of this world though!

After we ate we took the bikes for a ride and Adam learned how to drive a manual motorcycle for the first time! Eventually a storm cloud rolled in and we had to drive back to the bike shop in a torrential downpour and in Vietnamese crazy organized chaos. 

We finally arrived soaking wet and paid off our bikes, which will be modified and tuned up for free over night. Then, we went out in search for some traveling necessities like a rain jacket and a tarp. We found rain coats luckily in time for an even more massive down pour. Great timing for us to try to complete this journey during the rainy season!

The streets ended up getting so flooded that the water was up to our shins! Sorry I don’t have a picture, but I wasn’t about to risk the life of my phone in this weather. Needless to say we still managed to get soaked everywhere except the part our rain jackets covered. Thank you pho-North Face jackets made in Vietnam! 

Now we’re hiding away in the bar of our hostel chatting with new friends and doing some work. Next stop is Mui Ne as we test out our new motorcycles! 

~ M + H


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