What a terrifying and beautiful last day in Cambodia

Our last day in Cambodia meant that we needed to check a few things off of our list.

  1. Swim in Kampong Trech’s “moon cave”
  2. Go to Kep Beach
  3. Wash our dirty clay covered motorbikes
  4. Do laundry
  5. Get our Vietnam visas/return bikes 

We ended up spending the entire day out and didn’t end up doing any of those things except for numbers 3-5. Vietnam is our next destination so that was obviously necessary.

After some food we found a nearby wash for our bikes. One of the young boys was working there as well as his mother/grandmother. He was giggling at the amount of clay and mud we collected on our bikes. By the end he only asked for a little under $1 for each bike.

Our next stop was Kampong Trech. We stopped for some exotic fruits and some pork buns that we saw a guy cooking on the side of the road. He didn’t speak any English and so when we asked what was inside of the pork buns he just laughed. Enzo started making animal noises to try to get him to understand if it was chicken, cow, or who knows what else! The man laughed again, but pointed at his nipples… So we let Adam take the first bite and waited for his approval.

We arrived at the Trech after being bombarded by children asking if they could be our tour guides into the caves. We said no thank you for a while until one boy about 6-years-old charmed us (mostly tricked us) into being our tour guide. 

He started showing us inside of the caves and before I knew it we were mountain climbing… We all had backpacks and flip flops on which eventually made this climb seem impossible. Some of the ledges were at 90 degrees, but this little boy made me feel like I couldn’t give up because he was climbing better than anyone I know.

We finally made it to the top and it was an amazing view.

The little tour guide had a better one I’m sure.

After feeling like I might die on the way down the mountain, I finally reached the bottom and felt an overwhelming relief. I was still shaking with fear and dripping in sweat, but the little tour guide cheered me on and told me good job along the way. He was amazing. Safe to say Cambodia is beating me up though.

After our side adventure, we got back on track and went to go swimming in the moon cave. However, when we arrived we noticed the water was extremely stagnant and was pretty murky with a hint of musk smell. It was pretty cool for a photo, but we weren’t hot enough to go into it.

B. So we couldn’t get into this body of water so we figured we’d check out Kep beach like we said before. We ended up seeing signs that said salt fields and Angkul beach so we headed that way instead!

After passing through the salt fields we arrived at the beach. We set up our hammocks and laid there listening to the ocean waves and the Palm tree leaves whispering. All of a sudden we saw this woman walking toward us andi thought she was going to ask us to move our hammock so. Instead, she thought it was great and then asked if we all wanted cold beer. We must be dreaming! We said yes and paid her $3 all together.

As the sun started to set we drove back to the hostel to finish the boring and necessary errands. Fortunately, we had the most stunning drive back.

We have our visas for Vietnam and our laundry is laid out because we received it slightly damp. Off to sleep so we can get on our 9 hour bus ride to Ho Chi Minh!

~ M + H

Videos are on my YouTube: Kayla Scheffler


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