Kamput, Cambodia – long day with kite boarding crew

Today was going to be our last day of kite boarding because we only have a few days left in Cambodia and we have so much more to see and a budget of course. After getting breakfast at a local cafe we took our motorbikes to the mouth of the dirt road that trails off to the beach.

We got picked up by Frank’s girlfriend, Simone after she dropped off the others to make room in the truck. One of the guys whom we met the other day, Byrin (sp.?), was there as well and he has been kite boarding for many years and for about a month straight since he started traveling. He is extremely good at predicting when we will have wind by looking at the clouds in the sky. He told us that the wind would pick up by 11:30 am and literally on the dot, the wind picked up at a perfect kiting speed. 

I waited for Frank to teach me my second half of my lesson, getting on the board. Meanwhile, I got some pretty sweet shots of the kiters and the local workers searching for clam shells. The workers would stand out in the water and shuffle their feet into the sand to feel for shells. They would collect them in buckets and sometimes I would see them out there with big catching nets. 

There were also a few water buffalo by the shore today grazing on any grass that they could pick at.

Eventually, I put on my rash guard, harness and met Frank far out into the ocean to continue our lessons and get up on the board. After a few tries I was getting up, but also wiped out quite a few times. I wasn’t able to stay up for very long on the board, but Frank said if I kept at it and didn’t take a break I would’ve gotten it. 

After I took a lunch break with everyone else we went back out there, but this time I was on my own to try to put my knowledge to use. Unfortunately, the wind was very sparatic and my kite would fall drastically down to the water and the pull me forward launching me pretty far into the water a few times. I got up on my own a little, but I didn’t feel safe to continue and I was already pretty bruised and scratched up from scraping against the shallow floor of the ocean. So, after a long day at the beach we headed back to our hostel and were invited to meet up with the kiting crew later at their hotel for some drinks and then to go out.

Benefits of befriending the kite instructor and owner of the hotel (Frank) was that he kept coming over with shot glasses of this drink the bartender was mixing up for us. He was preparing us for the next stop, Banyan Tree. We took tuktuks over to this bar that’s outside and has live music and little huts that you can sit under and chill if you want. 

We played a game of beer pong, Enzo and I against Frank and Adam. The losers had to drink two shots of whatever alcohol. Enzo and I lost and had two shots of tequila, but then so did Frank, Adam, Simone and Byrin. The music got better as the night went on and some how more beers and shots were being ordered… Thanks Frank. 

We started getting ready to leave when Simone said “hey, you guys want to get some fast food?!” and of course fast food is the best when it’s that late and you’ve had a good amount to drink so we said, “sure!” All six of us piled into one tuktuk and we’re off to get some fast food.

Soon enough we pulled up to this area outside with some Cambodians cooking behind these plastic tables… This wasn’t the type of fast food I was thinking, but I guess when in Cambodia noodle or rice on the street is fast food.

Simone ordered all of us noodles and more Cambodian beer… I could barely eat any of it and cracked the beer, but couldn’t bring myself to drink anymore. The rest of the night was, for the lack of a better word, a sh*t show. Simone ordered two hard boiled eggs (no, not just any hard boiled egg). She ordered ones that Cambodians consider a delicasy because there is a baby chicken inside of it still. Frank challenged Adam to eat one with him. It was the smell of death and rotten egg and looked like this baby chicken was dead for many years and the yoke was turning slightly green. 

(I don’t have pictures, but I have some video that I’ll be posting to YouTube soon). 

Long story short, there was one person (whom I won’t mention for reputation sake) who threw up and one person that ate the embryo egg. Frank completed the challenge while gagging. Adam tried the yoke, but we realized under the table there was a bunch of yokes thrown on the ground so we’re thinking maybe the locals only eat the embryo and you’re not supposed to eat the yoke…

After a lot of gagging, laughs and disgust, Enzo, Adam and I all got a tuktuk back to our hostel safetly. I got everyone waters, but by the time I came back to the room they were all passed out asleep already. I’m actually writing this the day after because there was no way I was going to stay up to write all of this coherently. Here’s a picture to describe how the day after was for us…

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have some eventful stories to tell you! 

~ M + H 


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