Learning to kite board in Cambodia

​​Just do it. 

Today was the first time I’ve ever tried something like this. I’ve never been water skiing, snowboarding or even flown a kite before… But with the right teacher and the right winds anything is possible!

At first we spent the morning doing work, chillin by the pool at our hostel drinking coffees and maybe a beer.

As soon as we started feeling the wind pick up a little afternoon, we all knew that we had to get in touch with our kite boarding instructor, Frank to tell him we were on our way! 

After Frank launched everyone else off with their kites he began my first lessons.

What I learned in my first lesson: ($35)

  1. How to put on the waist harness
  2. Set up the kite
  3. Attach kite to harness 
  4. Launch kite
  5. Bring kite to 12 o’clock (steady center)
  6. Controls of kite (steering, power, safety releases)
  7. Body drag (downwind/upwind, offshore/onshore)

Overall, I learned all of those steps within about an hour. The wind was pretty gusty today and a rain storm rolled in over us as we approached the shore. It was a great day for learning because it’s better to have wind than to have to wait for it.

I didn’t get a chance to get up on a board today because we showed up later so the sun was setting fairly soon, but we got to see an amazing sunset on our way out! 

Hopefully tomorrow will be another windy day and I’ll get to learn the next few steps to getting on the board! 

Here’s a video from today (video footage: my boyfriend Enzo; skills: Adam, ending: me learning)

~ M + H 


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