Kite boarding & new friends – Cambodia

Today we set our alarms to try out some kite surfing with an instructor that Adam has been going to since he arrived in Cambodia. We took our motorbikes to a hotel to meet up with him and got breakfast until he was ready to go.

Frank, the instructor, took us in his truck to this secluded beach. There was another couple that came along to rent kites, but they took their motorbike until we reached a slippery muddy road that went on for a while until the beach. Once we came to the muddy road they joined and we somehow fit 6 people into the truck and slid our way to the end of the beach.

I unfortunately woke up with a pulled muscle in my back so I had to pass on kiting today, but we’ll have a few more opportunities this week. I got to watch everyone at their different skill levels and also watch the local workers picking out clam shells from the ocean floor. Because of these workers, the floor is pure sand and you don’t have to worry about stepping on any sharp shells because they go out there everyday to collect them.

It was a pretty long beach day and I burnt as usual. Thankfully the instructor gave me a rash guard/wet suit to put on to at least protect my upper body and stay cool.

Anyone who has learned from Frank has said he’s a really great instructor with a lot a patience. He has a lot of experience with kiting and has been living in Cambodia with his girlfriend for a few years now. Hopefully his girlfriend comes out the next time we go!

After everyone was tired from kiting we went back to the hotel to catch up with the couple we met who ended up inviting us out to dinner with them. Frank stopped at one of the fruit stands right outside of the beach to be nice to the locals and so we could try new fruits first.

The one above I’m not sure what it is called, but you have to split the skin open and you see a pearl looking thing that you can eat but you have to separate the seed out of it. It tastes like a really watery grape. When we got to the hotel we grabbed a quick snack. We ordered nachos because we heard that they do them differently from normal nachos (and by different I mean better).

After talking for a while with this couple we met today, we decided to meet up with them a couple hours later for dinner. They wanted us to experience one of the best places in Cambodia to get ribs, The Rusty Keyhole. There was a challenge that if a person could eat a little over 3 pounds of ribs and potatoes under 20 minutes then they would get the entire meal for free. Adam took this challenge upon himself as we all watched and ate our normal sized portions of ribs.

Unfortunately, even after an hour he couldn’t bring himself to finish without puking so he stopped, but ordered a couple beers to wash it down of course. He got his picture taken and will now forever be on the wall of shame in this Cambodian rib restaurant.

We’re now back at the hostel and I’m the last one awake once again writing this blog. I need my rest for tomorrow so goodnight!​​

~ M + H​​


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