Motorbiking through Cambodia

Today was our first full day in Cambodia and we were feeling optimistic about the weather. Between the three of us there were two bikes because I’d prefer to ride on the back… We stopped close by our hostel to a sandwich shop and grabbed something to go. We set off to our first destination, the Rapids.

We ended up renting out one of these spots above the Rapids and hung out for a bit before getting into the cold river water. The stream was so forceful none of us except Adam were daring enough to step into the tide. There was a little shallow area where other locals were playing as well. I went in up to my neck just to avoid the mosquitos! 

Once we cooled off enough we got back onto our bikes and went to our next destination, Bokor. We were following behind Adam when all of a sudden pieces of metal came out of his bike and next thing we knew we were pulled over infront of someone’s house. 

The bike was no more… We’re still not exactly sure what happened to it, but apparently the check engine light was on the entire time. Luckily, the people who lived at the house we pulled over at came out to help us call the bike company, look at our bike and gave us waters while we waited for another bike. 

Tirit, was the name of the older one in the photo above checking out the bike. He was extremely smart, going to school for IT and spoke English very well. Thanks to them we were back on our way to the mountain in no time. 

The wind was intense so we drove down this path that lead to the ocean to check if the waves were good for kite surfing; something Adam has been doing daily since he arrived in Cambodia. As we were on our way out the dirt roads were basically deep mud trails and the bike started to tip so I jumped off, but my boyfriend and I got our feet covered in this stuff.

It could have been worse! He saved it, so I got back on and we were off. As we traveled up Bokor there were multiple stops along the way each with a more inscribe view than the last.

We made it to the top of the mountain with a glorious view of Yeay Mao, the statue of an ancient mythical heroin in Buddhism. It is about 29 meters tall. 

It is kind to pay 1,000 riel as a donation to this monument. It is way worth it to see this enormous tribut as well as the view overlooking Cambodia.

This isn’t the only destination to visit on the mountain, there are several other awesome attractions to see. Our next stop was at a waterfall (one of my many obsessions). 

Waterfalls are so beautiful and terrifying at the same time. It would not want to slip down this thing whatsoever, but I could stare at it all day. 

Next, Adam told us about this section of the mountain where there are a bunch of adandoned hotels. They were all completed with hopes that people would want to come stay at the top of a mountain, but it’s about an hour to drive up the mountain and the conditions are mostly cloudy, rainy and cold.

It started getting misty and cold even when we were there which made the whole experience even more eery.

This hotel in the picture above is one that we decided to go and explore. It was demolished on the inside and super quiet as we walked through.

There was the main hallway that was almost pitch black with an open doorway at the end that let in the light, wind and mist from outside.

We left the vacated hotel and drove to this main building that we saw heading down the street. It was actually open with some people in it, but most of them were employees. We stopped there to eat before our hour trip down the dark and misty slopes of the mountain.

I’m pretty sure the “beef” noodles I got contained the balls of some animal… I ate all of the noodles and the broth and left the meat. It was pretty good though! However, we left at pretty bad timing because it got even darker mixed with the rain and fog. Once we reached a certain point down the mountain the rain stopped and the air felt warmer and warmer as we reached the base.

We stopped at another place on our way back to the hostel to get more food because it’s cheap here and because I avoided all of the protein in my noodles and was still hungry.

This plate of food was only $2 with a $1 beer on the side. I’ll take it! Then we finally headed back after a long day on the motorbikes. 

I’ll post a link to the video soon to check out some of the adventures we had (except the bike ride at night when it was too sketchy for me to hold my phone out)!

​~ M + H


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