Kampot, Cambodia

So I haven’t been alseep for about 2 days now so sorry for anything that sounds rediculous or doesn’t make any sense, I’m just really over tired! We had our flight from Bangkok to Cambodia st 5:50 am, but it was an international flight so we left our condo at 2:30 am and decided that we shouldn’t bother going to bed. I absolutely hated staying up and I was so unnaturally hungry that I got a breakfast sandwich from McDonald’s at the airport at 3:00 am… Not a good decision, but everything else was weird looking! The only good part about having a flight that early is being able to see the sunrise and then getting an early start in the new country you’re visiting.

When we arrived in Cambodia around 6:30 am, we had to go through passport security and get visas upon arrival. The process was short and a little curious because we paid $30 each for the visa and $5 for not having a picture for it… Apparently it’s ok to not have your picture as long as you can pay.

We went through the passport control with a breeze and went to get a taxi to our hostel in Kamput. It took about 2 hours to arrive at our hostel as we were in a daze the whole ride. At one point my boyfriend and I both woke up to being pulled over at the side of the road while our taxi driver was getting a speeding ticket! Although he was also driving on the wrong side of the road most of the time to get around traffic, we made it alive and within good timing.

Our plan was to meet with our friend, Adam who has been living in Cambodia for almost 2 weeks now. He met up with us at our hostel, Mad Monkey, and now our new adventure begins with the three of us in Asia.

We settled into our private room that we’ll have for the next 10 days here in Cambodia and then went downstairs to get some food. Trying to push through the tiredness we attempted to go on a bike ride to this salt farm, but the rain was too overwhelming. We’re here as the rainy season is starting which I’m hoping doesn’t last all day and night.

The rain kept  us inside today, but it was okay because we just got dinner at the hostel and ended up meeting some cool German girls who are also staying at the hostel. We had a few beers and now we’re back in our private room about to watch Fear and Loathing  before we head to bed.

Keep reading to see how our time is in Cambodia and where we will go next!

~ M + H


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