Last day in BKK

Today was our last day in Bangkok and we wanted to relax, but also make the most of our time here. As you may or may not already know, we’ve been staying at an Airbnb these past couple of days with a one bedroom condo to ourselves. 

We woke up feeling like damn… We haven’t worked out in weeks and even though we walk probably 20 miles a day we still felt weak. Our condo has a gym and a swimming pool over looking the city so we knew our plans for the morning!

After we worked out we felt even worse because we ended up just tiring ourselves out way too fast and hadn’t even eaten anything yet. So, before the pool we decided to grab some coffee and food that was saw from the window of the gym down below us. 

We got coffee (twice) at this place that seemed to have a weird theme for orange flavored things… But they made a delicious latte with condensed milk.

 Then we went next door to this street “restaurant” that was basically a few busted tables on a sidewalk with a family cooking from behind some stands.

No tourists, no English, no ordering. We sat down at an empty table and immediately this older women came over and started talking to us in Thai. All we understood was soup and so we just said yes and a couple minutes later she brought us this steaming bowl of noodles with pork broth and other meats that I honestly didn’t want to even know what they were. We put in some spices that were sitting at the table and had some hot and spicy surprise noodles for brunch in the 100 degree weather of Bangkok. Nothing better.

I love finding places like this- the type of place that most Americans would look at and say “this looks run down and is probably a health hazard, let’s go to a restaurant.” I love these exact places in Thailand because those are the authentic family run businesses with the secret recipes and the respect for any visitor who comes to support them. We felt truly respected there and were treated with such kindness. The food was amazing and yes, we are still alive and our tummies have never been better.

After we refueld with our brunch and coffee we went back across the street to our condo for a swim. No one was even there so it was like it was our own! 

We mostly laid out on these couches outside in the sun reading and I of course was taking a lot of pictures. 

One of my boyfriends friends, Pi, who lives in Bangkok contacted us to ask if we could come meet up with him at night. We only got an address so it was almost like a surprise of where we were going to be meeting him!

After yet another long and confusing ride with a taxi driver we finally got to our destination… An hour and a half later. So where were we?

Ya… We ended up at an English bar on Sukhumvit road called Robin Hood. I guess it was supposed to be happy hour and that’s the area that Pi works in. It was a bit unfortunate that we didn’t end up having a Thai meal as our last before leaving… And that we ended up in any sort of English/Irish bar at all while traveling in Asia, but it was great to see Pi again because we haven’t since the last time we visited Bangkok a year ago. 

After we left the bar we got another long and confusing taxi ride back to the condo (no one understands the area that were staying in apparently). Not only did we drive too far past our condo, the driver didn’t have change for the only cash I had left so we made a really sketchy deal. The security guard at our condo gave our driver the exact cash; meanwhile, we asked the same driver to come pick us up in a few hours to bring us to the airport so we can fly to Cambodia. So, when this taxi driver hopefully comes to our condo (and doesn’t get lost again) we have to pay the taxi driver for the last ride and the ride to the airport so he can give our security guard his money that he basically put down for us… What a trusting security guard, thankful he was there. Karma points plus 10 for that guy!

Well, wish us luck! Talk to you when we’re in Cambodia.✌️​​

​~ M + H


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