Half day in Kyoto and Osaka

Today was the last day in Kyoto, but we also wanted to explore a bit of Osaka because we are flying out of the international airport in Osaka to get to Bangkok, Thailand. 

We knew that the last thing we wanted to do before we left Kyoto was to go to the Fushimi Inari Trail. 

The trails create a pathway up to Mount Inari through the wooded forest. The path is designed with thousands of vermilion torii gates. Inari is the Shinto  god of rice in which people believed  foxes were the messengers to this god, hence the reason there are statues of foxes all around the shrine. 

We did not get to the very top of the mountain because we were short on time, but we were able to experience the hypnotizing trials through the forest.

These pictures may be deceiving because there were actually a lot of visitors at this shrine/trail… We just waited long enough and had people stop so we could get these awesome shots without groups of people. 

As we were leaving the shrine we walked through this pedestrian path lined with food and suvenier shops.

I picked up a gift and we were on our way to Osaka! After we left our bags in a safe bag locker at the train station, we went to go explore the city for a few hours. We walked for almost an hour to this area called Dotonbori. 

It was so amazing how the area was like New York City with lights and tv advertisements everywhere.

There was this area that went on for miles that was a continuous mall full of stores and food and more stores!

You would think that it was over when you got back outside and then all of a sudden you would be walking through another “mall.”

You could never get bored in this part of the city. While there were areas like this under a rooftop, as soon as you were outside there were more stores lining the streets!

The best part about this city being like New York City is that for some reason the amount of people walking around was not as overwhelming as I expected! People here are also very good at walking… Meaning, you rarely ever end up “dancing” with someone if you see a person walking toward your direction, they just move aside every time. 

After hours of walking around and no food since breakfast we decided it was time to eat. My friend Asuka, who we hung out with in Tokyo, suggested that we get Okonomiyaki while in Osaka. We finally came across a place that didn’t have a huge waiting line out of the door.

The picture above is okonomiyaki. It is served on this steaming hot plate and you are given chopsticks and a tiny metal spatula to cut it. Without really knowing how to eat it we just assumed to cut it with the spatula and eat with the chopsticks… We saw it done several other ways, but ours was the best way I think. I enjoyed mine, but I wasn’t expecting the fishy flavor that it had (which I don’t thoroughly enjoy). It was definitely worth trying though!

After dinner we left for the train station to get our backpacks and take the next train out to Osaka Kansai international airport.

I’m at the airport now waiting to board to Bangkok! By the time I arrive it will be the morning of September 14th.

~ M + H


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