How to spend your last day in Barcelona

After all of the running around to make sure you see every place you wanted to see, take the last day to do what you enjoy the most.

For us, we went to one of our favorite brunch places, Picnic. We ordered strawberry pancakes, fried eggs with bacon and toast, and lattes. Barcelona does food so well! I’m going to miss it.


Next, we took a stroll through some of the more residential areas of Barcelona. Just soaking in all of the smells, sounds and architecture is one way to spend the last day you have in any place.

You end up discovering more places when you don’t have a destination in mind. After you have spent time in a new city, taking at least one day to “get lost” can end up being the most memorable and rewarding day.

One of our other favorite places in Barcelona is Barceloneta. We walked across the footbridge on the way to the mall, Mare Magnum, just for a quick shot of espresso after our lunch at the Pasta Bar.


Then we walked back and sat on the docs overlooking the ocean and the beautiful sailboats. As fish accumulated under our dangling feet we sat in silence and soaked in the Mediterranean breeze. 

As we wondered back to our place we stopped into the Motorcycle Museum. We’ve passed by it a few times before, but we figured we should at least see one more museum in Barcelona before we leave.

There were motorcycles and scooters ranging within 100 years! It was rather short to walk through, but it was cool to see how far we’ve come with design. 

Later on, I dragged my boyfriend to this gourmet doughnut shop… Ya he’s not a big fan of sweets apparently, but that didn’t stop him from trying a bite of mine even though I said no! 

We went to Chök! Ever since last year I heard about this place and walked by it too many times not to stop in. In the picture above on the left hand side, second in on the bottom… I took that one. I bought a strawberry frosted doughnut with rainbow sprinkles. Worth every step it took to get there and back! 

We then ended up heading to dinner. Ya, I know I had dessert before dinner, but sometimes you have to act like there’s no tomorrow, right? 

Dinner was at Sensi, a Spanish tapas bar that we visited a few times last year. Here they suggest that you order at least two to three tapas a person. We ordered patatas bravas, croquettes de jamon, duck  and ribs. We also ordered sangria, but it honestly tasted like grandma’s closet as we put it. It took us a little bit to think of that conclusion, but needless to say we ordered red wine instead that was much better.

After our last meal in Barcelona we headed back to our place to pack up an prepare for our flight to Tokyo in the morning!

P.S. As I’m writing this there’s hurds of people walking by our place and there is a guy next door that pours water on people when they’re being too loud. Wow! This huge group of Americans were the most obnoxious of them all and they had water dumped on them about three times already! I must say, deserved… Well, goodnight!

~ M + H


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