Barcelona – from mountain top to the streets

Today was a later start than usual. Siesta still exists, right? Well, that’s our excuse! We started off the day by getting our usual croissant and espresso at our local convenience store. We then headed over to a design store that was located in Gotic called La Nuestra Ciutat. 

The store was full of handmade items from pictures to jewelry and iPhone cases. You can follow these items on Instagram or Facebook too!

As we wandered throughout the city we stopped by our old home again, but this time I took a picture of what use to be squatter homes that were right across from us. The last we saw, everyone was kicked out onto the streets with all of their belongings and when we came back this year their homes were demolished.

It’s a sad circumstance, and I wish the best of luck to those who lost their homes that day. Who knows, in a couple of weeks/months/years this whole place might be renovated into a beautiful new building. I guess we’ll have to come back to find out!

Walking around made us hungry so we stopped into a little restaurant. I got a veggie burger that I didn’t quite enjoy so I’ll only post the hummus and focaccia that was perfection.

Afterwards we continued walking around and decided to take one of our hammocks up as high as we could to see the city of Barcelona up from a park. We walked up Montjuic and each level we reached had a better and better view.

After I sweat all of the water out of my body we made it to the perfect spot. The thing that had kept me going was the fact that we were going to get to take a nap in the hammock with an unbelievable view of Barcelona.

After the best nap I’ve had in a while we headed back down to our apartment.

When dinner came around we knew exactly what we wanted. We discovered last year that Barcelona does Chinese food REALLY well. We went back to our friends on the corner from where we use to live and got our usual pollo crujiente con arroz (breaded chicken with rice)- simple, but fresh and delicious. 

After a bottle of wine and Chinese Food we went out for a drink at another bar we use to go to where the theme is rock n’ roll.

What’s next? Apparently in Barcelona there are multiple secrete bars that only locals really know about. One of them is called The Cabinet. This is how you find it- you have to enter into this owner’s apartment and he has a wardrobe closet that you have to walk into (kind of like Narnia) you push through to the back through the clothes and you reach a hidden bar that is basically through a hole in his wall. So… We of course went to find this place. Along the way there was some pretty awesome graffiti painted on the outside of people’s shops that I wanted to share.

The last one is creepy though… 

We found the so called secret bar, but the catch is the owner only opens the bar when he feels like it and we caught him on an off night. Hopefully it’ll be open next time!

Back at the apartment and off to sleep.

~ M + H


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