Barcelona – Another Day

This morning we brought some work with us to a local cafe called Federal Cafe. We found this place last year when we went for a run one morning and stumbled upon it! The funny thing is, we ended up stumbling upon this one as well because we didn’t realize there was one in this location too!

The seating is amazing (just don’t wear a skirt or dress for this seat). It is an open floor arrangement connecting the inside and the outside with windowsill spots that you have to straddle. It’s surprisingly comfortable! 

We ordered some iced lattes and eggs with bacon, seasoned potatoes and crème fraîche. After finishing our meals within five minutes (no judgement) we sat for a while and did some work.

Today was another perfect day and when you can’t decide what to do in Barcelona especially if you’ve already been to all of the major sites- you go to the beach!

Places to visit for the first time in Barcelona:

  • La Sagrada Familia
  • Montjuic
  • Montserrat
  • La Rambla
  • Part Guell
  • Gaudi houses
  • Museu Picasso
  • Flamenco show
  • Parc de la Ciutadella
  • La Boqueria

So, those are just some places… There are so so many more. I’ve seen all of these and more only because I’ve already lived here for a little over five months and you end up doing a lot!

While on our way to the beach I wanted to show the smirking lobster(?) looking statue that Barcelona has on the board walk along the water. It’s iconic…

When we got to the beach it was another hot and crowded day, but we managed to find a great spot again. 

There’s men and women that walk along the beach illegally selling things like mohitos, beer, henna tattoos, clothes, hair braiding and massages. Some people end up buying some of these goods, but most of the time if you just ignore them they will leave you alone faster. One of them sat next to us today because the police saw him and he was trying to hide, but he got caught anyway. A few minutes later we saw him walking around with a fresh round of mohitos in his hands selling them again!

My boyfriend and I started making designs on each other with little stones from the sand when we started to get bored.

We finally had enough of the sun and the water seemed like it was collecting some trash today… I came up from the water and a used sanitary pad went floating by me… Time to go home! 

We stopped to get a smoothie and some food to go and sat on some steps with this view that you can see in the picture above. We then went home and chilled out until dinner.

Dinner wasn’t much except for left over Chinese for me and a gyro for my boyfriend. We decided to grab some sangria out in Borne a little later at night.

Lesson #1: girls- don’t even bother wearing heels. I tried and almost broke my ankle twice… They were also about five inches too tall. It was too funny not to laugh especially because the first time a guy laughed when I almost fell. Then, the second time there was a dog around the corner that literally barked when I stumbled a little and I died laughing. So embarrassing… I’m usually not that bad. Cobble stones just don’t mix well with five in heels. Just not worth it.

We slowly made our way back to our place and I am now resting my feet to prepare for the last day in Barcelona.

~ M + H 


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