¡Bon dia Barcelona! 

5:30 am we woke up to take a car ride to the train station in Gassano and then several hours of trains to the Malpensa Airport for our 12:30 pm flight to Barcelona. Stressed with time we practically ran through the whole process, but as soon as we reached Barcelona a calmness and sense of home set it…

My boyfriend and I studied in Barcelona together last year for a little over five months. We’ve become so familiar with this place that it’s actually one of the main reasons we decided to go through Europe while on our way to Asia. Barcelona is our second home and the only place that I’ve actually felt homesick from when I was living back in the United States!

We immediately went to our Airbnb which is located in the area called Gotic. This area has a sort of grungy unique vibe to it with so many places of entertainment and food. 

When we settled into our Airbnb we went to go grab food at our favorite restaurant, Palosanto! 


Here is what you should order when you get tapas (small plates of food that you share) in Barcelona:

  • Pan con tomate (bread with fresh tomato)
  • Patatas bravas (potatoes with aoli and this other red sauce that I couldn’t tell ya what’s in it)
  • Jamon (prosciutto)
  • Croquettas (chicken/ham/fish in a fried mozzarella stick shape)
  • Vino tinto (house red wine)
  • Cafe solo (espresso shot)

After we ate we reminisced about the area we used to live in. We went back to visit and see if anything had changed and if it was still as grungy and dirty as we left it. Arc deal Teatre 7 – a book was even written about our street. It is the closest you’ll get to the real Barcelona lifestyle in such a touristy location.

We had a few errands we had to do afterwards and one involved going to our favorite European clothing store Pull and Bear. It’s basically like a better version of H&M with quality clothing for a cheaper price. We walked around for hours outside and eventually made our way back to our place to get ready for dinner.

Dinner was at a new place called Rassoterra. 

We didn’t realize it was a vegetarian restaurant until I ordered tacos and it came out with a bunch of vegetables on it. I must say, if I could eat food this good everyday I would be vegetarian… Maybe. 

After a nice veggie dinner with some vegan wine (whatever that is!) we wondered around the gotic district and made our way back to our place. It’s so good to be home! ❤️

~ M + H


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