Barcelona – vamos a la playa

Today we decided would be a perfect day to relax on the Barceloneta beach. This area is popular among tourists and locals because of its location and the restaurants, night clubs and stores that run along the beach. The boardwalk is perfect for strolling, bikeriding or running while gazing out at the Mediterranean Ocean. 

photo credit: Vincenzo Mazzoni

After we grabbed some fruit from a local convenience store we went to find a less crowded area on the sand. The best place to look for is closest to the water so that you’re able to watch your belongings if you decide to take a dip- Barcelona is known for pick-pocketing so you must be careful anywhere you go. The water was perfect temperature at this time of year. The weather was about 90 degrees Farenheight and partially cloudy at times. 

Barcelona is liberal when it comes to partial nudity on the beach and it even has full nude beaches. At first it was a bit shocking to me when I came for the first time last year, but I immediately felt accustomed to it and no one else seemed phased either. No tan lines?- perfect! However, I still wore my bikini in full, partially because I would burn instantly and that wouldn’t be a fun spot to burn!

My boyfriend ended up grabbing some food at a local Catalan restaurant to bring back to our spot on the beach. At first I said I wasn’t hungry, but as soon as I saw what he brought back I had to have some! It was the best chicken and potatoes I’ve EVER had! It can be intimidating to order from there because it is all Catalans and only in their language, but it is so worth trying. It is called La Cassola…

A little while after eating that out-of-this-world food I realized that I had forgotten sunscreen (don’t worry I already had some on before I left) the beach day wasn’t as long as I thought it’d be unfortunately. We were there for a few hours which was enough for a beach day anyway. We went back and took a shower so we could walk around later and grab some food.

We decided to grab dinner in Borne, but we ended up passing through Placa de Sant Juame. This little square is gorgeous at night and the building that you can see in the picture above is called Palau de la Generalitat de Catalunya. It is still standing from the Midevil times and for the same purpose- to house government and the institution that it originated from. It is located in the Ciutat Vella district.

We arrived in Borne shortly after and decided to go to a restaurant that we saw the last time we lived here, but never had the chance to go into- Little Italy. It’s an Italian eatery that is known for its jazz brunches and night performances. This night there was a bass player, singer and piano player. They’re performance was incredible and at first I didn’t know if it was a recording or not! 

For food we ordered four cheese risotto, chicken skewer and house red wine. The lighting was really interesting on the outside patio where we sat because it glowed an orange-red-ish hue. As you can see I tried taking a photo of the cheesecake we ordered, but the colors made it look even funkier than it was. The food and entertainment was impressive and I would absolutely go back.

The best part about when you’re done eating is the stroll back to the apartment. Even if you end up not going into anywhere after it is just beautiful at night and the sun isn’t harassing you. Can’t wait for the next day!

~ M + H


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