Barcelona – home away from home

Today we decided that we needed to do at least one responsible thing and do our laundry since we only brought enough clothes for about a week and we’ve been gone for at least two already (ya it’s gross). As we did laundry at a nearby laundry mat we grabbed some breakfast. Why am I talking to you about errands? Let’s skip to lunch!

One of our favorite places to eat that isn’t Spanish food is this Asian restaurant called Udon. It’s located right inside of the waterfront mall and has a great outdoor seating area. 

After lunch we had no real plans except to walk around some more and eventually find a rooftop bar with a pool. We walked around through the Arc de Triumf and throughout the Borne district.

We made our way to this restaurant called CocoVail that sold IPA beers- so hard to find in Europe because it’s a very American made product. We went in for a pint and eventually got some delicious food by the time it was dinner. 

We had found out that a rooftop bar and pool would be open by 8:00 pm in the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. We made our way up there and treated ourselves to a classis Mojito and a cortado (very small latte). We had made it just in time to see the sun set and it was one of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen – maaaaaybe second from the one’s in Hawaii. 

The sun finally set and we left to make our way home… After I bought some new heels of course (I don’t know how I’ll fit them in my backpack, but I’ll try!)

Peace, love and sunsets… Oh, and mohitos ✌️

~ M + H


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