Gassano – Part 3

In was another early rise because Mouro wanted to take us to a few places before we had to leave the next day. First, we drove to Lucca, which is amazing for walking around. There is a mote that runs for miles around Lucca that used to be completely full of water, but now it is just open dunes of grass that is sorrounded by a pedestrian walkway.

The town is quant and full of botiques, restaurants and cafes. The side roads through the town were as narrow as you could imagine. After walking around through Lucca for not too long we took a drive to Pisa!

This was my first time going to Pisa and I was always so excited to see the leaning tower, but honestly, the most hilarious part was seeing all of the tourists pretending to lean or push the tower as they were getting photos taken – so sorry you won’t see me doing that in any of these pictures. 

After walking throughout this one little section of Pisa, that most people come to see, we ate at a local restaurant for lunch. 

Our waitress started talking to Mouro, the only 100% Italian at the table, in English and talked to my boyfriend and I in Italian! Mouro said something close to, “hey, you talk to me in Italian, you can speak English to these guys” pointing at us. 😂

In all, the leaning tour experience was a little anticlimactic for me, but I don’t regret seeing it in person one bit. Lunch was surprisingly good as well considering it was definitely a tourist hot spot.

We then took a long drive back to the apartment. I napped for a while until dinner practically. Nickola met us outside of our apartment to take us to one of his favorite wine bars before our last family dinner at a new pizzeria in town. The wine bar is called Vino Estremo. This place is Nickolas second home according to him, and everyone who works or drinks there knows each other. When you order wine you get an amazing array of small snacks to pick from, but my favorite was focaccia with their homemade pesto (this pesto was my favorite one… Ever). 

After the wine bar, we met up with the rest of the family members at the new pizzeria in Aulla. As all ten of us sat at a long table I soon found out that we each had to order our own pizzas! I definitely shouldn’t have eaten any snacks at the wine bar… How does anyone ever stay skinny here? Anyway, I ordered the Dona pizza which apparently means you’re calling someone beautiful, but I guess you can use it in Italy for food as well cuz I’d say ya, the food here is pretty beautiful! 

Dinner came to an end and of course I had to take the rest of the pizza home. Violeta took it from my hands because she insisted on wrapping it up for me along with other goodies for breakfast/lunch for the train ride the next day. We said our goodbyes to the rest of the family and my boyfriend and I grabbed one last drink with Nickola before heading back. 

My boyfriend and I took one last night stroll around Gassano before bed and it was the eeriest feeling ever- complete silence, yellow hues from single lights throughout the walkways, and stars like you’ve never seen before.

This place has been magical. It felt like I was living in the past. I had no connection to the outside world (I ended up using a journal to record every day for this blog). Everyone should experience something like this to get away from the crazy world of addictions and monotony. 

“Enjoy the simple things in life because one day you’ll look back and realize they were the big things.” – Kurt Vonnegut

~ M + H


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