Gassano – Part 2 

The second day in Gassano we woke up early and made our way up to Violeta’s place for some espresso, focaccia and biscuits with Nutella. Mouro was there to take us over to a mountain called Equi located in Fivizzano.

With the thought in mind to go up the mountain and inside the cave to explore, we still managed to wear sandals instead of the obligatory sneakers. 

So we couldn’t climb up the mountain, but we were still able to walk around the incredible path ways that lead up to it. One thing that I was told was that the water fountains that they have running throughout Equi is actually the water from the mountains. I tried a sip and it was cold and fresh as ever.

So plan B, we drove to Porto Venere. Driving throughout more and more switch backs we finally reached this open Bay Area with some of the blue-est looking waters I’ve seen. A beach ran along the coast full of tanners and swimmers. Restaurants and shops boardered the walkway along the beach and so did the tourists.

It was absolutely gorgeous seeing the different colored houses and boats scattered throughout this blue white and green scene. 

As we walked along the boardwalk we found a restaurant to have some lunch outside. In Italy it is strange if you don’t order a first and second plate so, for my first I ordered a pesto pasta. The bowl was deceivingly big, but it was some of the best homemade pesto I’ve ever had so I finished it 🙂

Next up I ordered some fish that I didn’t know I was getting and that I didn’t want to look at in the eye. I don’t even like fish, but damn… This was out of this world. I guess that’s what you get when you’re in Italy and by the ocean. 

After lunch, we made our way up to the top of the hill at the end of the bay to “The Bay of Poets” and “Byron’s Grotto.”

Byron’s Grotto collapsed, but it now has a plaque above the archway in honor of an English poet, Lord Byron, who swam across the bay of Portovenere in order to reach his true love who was living in the San Terenzo village at the time! 

When we finished walking around the bay we headed back to the apartment. While waiting for dinner to be made we set up one of our hammocks on the rooftop of Violeta’s place. 

I could have slept outside with the view of the mountains forever. It is the kind of feeling that makes you seem like such a small part of this big world. 

As we watched the sunset on the rooftop we were eventually pushed inside due to some tigres. No worries, we didn’t encounter any tigers, just some vicious mosquitos that are disguised as black and white flies! Perfect timing because dinner was ready anyway. 

Once again it was a full feast. Violeta was there saying “mangia, mangia, mangia!” Meaning, Eat, eat, eat! Violeta is the sweetest woman I’ve ever met, always smiling, feeding us and making us feel at home. 

After dinner, Nickola, who was at the family dinner with us took us out to a bar for a drink before bed. One more night in Gassano!

~ M + H


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