Milano per la notte 

Buona notte! The flight from Amsterdam to Milano was a breeze. Not to mention, the views were incredible as well!

After our easy landing into Milano we encountered a bit of an issue when trying to get to our Airbnb. We had a time limit to meet our host and so after taking the bus from Malpensa Airport to Milano Centrale, it felt like the ride was even longer than the plane ride! When we arrived at the train station our next task was to take the metro to Porta Venezia. Easy right? Well, of course because we had a time limit none of the ticket machines would work for us because our cards wouldn’t read and we didn’t have anything less than €20. The tickets we needed for two people all together we’re only €3, so I suggest making sure you have that on hand if you plan to use the metro! 

We gave up, took a taxi, and promptly arrived at our Airbnb. After our host rapidly told us all of the rules in Italian we went out for a nice local dinner. 

After a delicious bite to eat and a few glasses of chardonnay we went to bed and woke up early to explore the area before we had to leave. 

I’ve never spent much time in Milano and I’m not sure why. Some of the architecture is gorgeous and there of course are great places to shop for fashion. Our one night stay was worth it, but family was waiting in another part of Italy and we were ready to go!

Off to Aulla Lunigiana! (Train tickets throughout Italy are one of the cheapest ways to get around the country- best to buy day of)


~ M + H


One thought on “Milano per la notte 

  1. HI Kayla and Enzo,
    I just got your blog from Yolanda and we love it!!! I showed Grammy the whole blog and she loved all you wrote and all the pictures! Keep it going….I feel like Im there with you… Love you both and travel safe!!!
    Auntie Lola

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