Gassano – family time 

Hey friends! So the next stop on my one way backpacking adventure was to Gassano. This is a little community that is found within Fivizzano in the northern part of Toscana. It has an incredible history and was once a large castle, which you can still see in part of the structures of the homes and the paths. I’ve been once before because now when I travel with my boyfriend we stop by to visit some of his family that’s been living there their whole lives. 

This picture above is my boyfriend’s great aunt’s, Violeta, house. When we arrived in Gassano after getting picked up at the train station from Mouro, one of the other extended family members, we went straight up these stairs to Violeta. I could hear her excitement before she even opened up the door and greeted us “ciao!” with a big smile. We then were given the usual questions (in Italian of course): are you hungry? Do you want some espresso? Are you tired? Of course we wanted to say yes to all of these, but we just decided to go freshen up and take a nap before dinner. She gave us the keys to her apartment downstairs where we would stay for the next few days. 

This was the view outside of our window of the bedroom. Breathtaking, right? We were on top of a hill of other houses above and below us. As I’ve told people in the past when I first visited, “the community is so small, when we drove around the last switch back I could see all of Gassano on one little section of this hill, and could walk through it in about 5 minutes.” But the architecture and that view is unbelievable. 

Once we were settled we went back up for dinner. We entered the house with greetings from even more of extended family members that had shown up for dinner. Mouro was cooking, as usual, while we all caught up on life (except it was mostly my boyfriend talking or translating because everyone just spoke Italian). Right before dinner another family member, Nickola, arrived which was great for us because we haven’t seen him in so long and he was our main translator since he was the only one with some conversational English skills. 

I attempted to ask Violeta if I could take a picture of the family before we ate with my broken Italian. These people are amazing and just like my own family. We ended up enjoying three courses with dessert and coffee together. As the night came to an end, my belt buckle also came to the end and I needed to sleep after my food coma. It was good to be back 🙂 

~ M + H


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