7 things you’ll want to know about Amsterdam when you visit 

First of all- I wanted to say for those of you who follow my blog I apologize for not posting this the day of, but I ended up losing service for a few days… So there is much more to come!

My visit to Amsterdam was only a couple of days, but I wanted to tell you a few of the things I took away the most from this place. Anyone planning to go to Amsterdam especially for the first time, like I did, should know a few of these beforehand!

1. Walk the city

Amsterdam is one of the most “walkable” cities because the center is fairly small. With the craziness of bikers, drivers, canals and such it is best to experience Amsterdam on foot. It gives you the flexibility to go at your own pace, stop into wherever looks good at the moment and to capture photos easily (just don’t stand in the middle of the walkway when you do). I noticed that the boat tours through the canals gave people practically no sight of the city ground because the canal walls are so tall.

2. Be cautious/respectful of bikers

It sounds simple, but I honestly had a hard time the first night keeping track of all of the traffic – especially as someone who “jay-walks” through Boston all of the time! You’ll get the hang of it though, just keep in mind that you really don’t have the right away… 🚴

3. Enjoy the local cafes/coffee shops

It can be hard to find a local place with not a lot of tourists, but I found if you walk just outside of the city center there are more places that are just as good without all of the hype. 

4. Stop and soak it in

My experience from Amsterdam was more of a chance for me to relax and enjoy my sorroundings. There are parks all around when you get out of the city center. Also, there is a canal that ran right by the Airbnb  we stayed at which we ended up sitting near after breakfast. It was fun to people watch, duck watch and you know… just watch different things live their daily lives! 

5. Take a free ferry ride

One thing that I learned, but didn’t get around to was that Amsterdam has a free IJ Ferry Ride that can take you to other parts of the city! There are more places to discover such as Amsterdam Noord and you can take the ferry right near Ansterdam Central Station.

6. Visit the Van Gogh Museum

Ya… I don’t know why I didn’t see this, but it’s a big regret. Just make sure you save some time to appreciate the Van Gogh Museum 👈 here’s the link so there’s no excuse not to 🙂

7. Stay in a hostel/Airbnb

Even though our host was not around that much for us to talk to it still gave us a new perspective of the kind of neighborhoods that are in Amsterdam. We were able to walk out of our Airbnb and explore the more local side as opposed to staying in a hotel in the center of touristville (not a real place). It’s great waking up in a home that you’re able to make your own for however long you want! 


~ M + H


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