Hoi! Today was the first full day in Amsterdam. My boyfriend and I are staying at an Airbnb located right in the Jordaan neighborhood. If you don’t have a friend in the area I would suggest an Airbnb because you can stay in a private room of someone’s home for affordable prices. They also can offer many suggestions on where the locals go and what you should see during your stay!

If you’re staying for any long term stays they are great because you can use many amenities, such as: kitchen, laundry, shower, etc. 

After waking up in this beautiful home, that we were able to call ours for the next few days, we went to find some breakfast. Bagels and Beans was the name of the place we went about 15 minutes walking distance from our flat. It was great for a exactly what you’d think – bagels. The coffee was yummy as well because they added whipped cream to the top! After breakfast we spent most of the day just walking around and seeing the beautiful architecture and canals that run throughout the city. 

The center of Amsterdam is full of modern clothing stores, hip coffee shops and cafes, and a diverse selection of restaurants. I must say, it could get kind of crazy when you’re just trying to enjoy the view and you have to watch out for tourists, bikers, and cars. Please watch out for bikers! The lanes can be quite confusing when it’s the first time experiencing them and pretty much everyone bikes in Amsterdam. Just look both ways at all times and you’ll be good. 

Sometimes it’s nice to get away from all of the ruckus and just enjoy some nature. We went through a nearby park called Vondelpark. It was still populated by other tourists, locals and bikers, but once we found a spot to sit it was like we had no one else around.

The park offers food stands as well as other restaurant stops along the trails so you’ll never go hungry or thirsty. Some people even brought their own grills to barbecue for themselves! 

After a long day of walking around and site seeing we stopped into a coffee shop and some other restaurants. The service was excellent and the locals were friendly as ever. Can I show you pictures of the food and coffee now? That’s all anyone really wants to see anyway, right? 

As you can tell it’s been a rough day 😉 were back at the Airbnb for the night enjoying some wine and ice cream we picked up from a local grocery/convenience store and it’s calling my name… so, good night for now and as they say in Amsterdam, goed worden! ❤️

~ M + H


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