A day in the life – London

We started the day late, but man I wouldn’t have done anything different. My friend that I had met in college was in London at the same time as me. She studied abroad in London before and was back to visit some friends so we ended up connecting while we were both here! By 13:00 or 2:00 pm  we were over near soho and Covent Garden at a place called Gordon’s Wine Bar. We probably stayed for about 3 hours in this one place catching up with my friend from school. There was an outdoor bar that you could order drinks and food from, but it was cash only; or, you could go inside, which I recommend because it’s apprently an orginal wine cellar from years past. The atmosphere is chilled and you tend to find many locals coming by after work hours for some drinks and a bite. 

My boyfriend ended up having one of his old friends, who happened to be living in London, come by so that we could go out in Camden. This area is great for nightlife in London. It has an incredible array of people and places. There’s no way you could be bored here. We ended up going to one place that our friend Jess’s roommate worked at called The Blue Kitchen. We got a pint, but were too hungry to stay for the music that was going to play around 9:45 pm. We went around the corner for some kebabs and then popped into two more close bars to chat. 

Somehow we ended up talking about the fact that my boyfriend and my next stop is in Amsterdam. We honestly may have convinced our friend Jess and my boyfriend’s old friend to come join us on our next adventure! Keep in touch to find out if they make it to Amsterdam with us! 🙂 

P.S. We are ending the night with a Macky (McDonald’s) and the classic Monty Python and the Holy Grail 😂. 

~ M + H 


2 thoughts on “A day in the life – London

  1. Hi Kayla, what a great idea! Very interesting to read about the”off the beaten path places” looking forward to reading more! ! Have fun and be safe.

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