London – tourist/non-tourist experience 

Today was the first full day in London. I have never been before so I needed to see the few places I’ve heard about my whole life such as the London Eye, the Buckingham Palace and Big Ben to name a few. 

The best memories I’ve had from this day; however, were not from these tourist attractions, but from the places that locals know about. I went to a rooftop bar that was like no other; it was based on top of a parking garage and the way to get there seemed as though we were going into the wrong direction. I can’t give this name away because I wouldn’t want to ruin the vibe by bringing in tourists (just befriend a British lad and ask them about the rooftop bar on top of a parking garage that is at the end of a room full of pink walls and floors… If you make it there then you’ll have the best time of your life. 

After spending a few hours at the rooftop bar and making new British friends we ended up making our way back to my friends Jess’s place while in search for another place to grab a cider or drink. For the record, cider in London is the most refreshing beverage to buy in the summer, love it! 

Anyway… After walking for a while in the pouring rain we found a strip of bars and wondered into one for a night cap. After showing our IDs our American-ness was revealed and the bouncer asked where we were from. This was honestly the first time saying we were American benefited us. We went downstairs into an underground lounge that had amazing drinks and music. It was small, but definitely a better time than the upstairs crew that was oblivious to what was going on right below their feet. Needless to say, London showed me a great time today and our hostess, Jess, has been the best tour guide. Can’t wait for tomorrow, I’ll keep in touch!

~ M + H 


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