Copenhagen ✈️ Layover

Hej! I am finally in bed at my friend’s home in London uploading this post before I crash from jet lag… Shout out to Jess for letting me stay here for a few days! 🙂 

Anyway, I left on August 23 to fly into London, but I had a lay over for about 7 hours in Copenhagen, Denmark so I figured why not explore! I tried one of their specialty “open faced sandwiches” that tasted amazing, but honestly is just setting people up for it to fall everywhere when you don’t have that top piece of bread on there. After some deliciously messy food and an iced latte with baileys I took a stroll with my travel master/boyfriend around the city to look at what we’ll have to re-visit in the future. It was full of clothing stores, modern cafes, and walkable streets. I need to go back for a longer time, especially to be able to go inside of the Tivoli Gardens! 

This was just a layover guys, so not too many interesting stories yet. Keep following my backpacking adventure that I’ll be doing with my boyfriend to find out all of the countries we end up going to! You never know what crazy, beautiful, amazing people and places we’ll see… It could be a lot, we only have a one way ticket  😏

~ M + H


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